How to Make Extra Money for Self Care

July 11, 2023

Wondering how to make extra money to afford the nice things you want? Here are some low cost side hustles that will bring in BIG profit!

I'm maya!

I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)


When I was early in the self care game, I jumped in head first. I was meditating and journaling every morning. I did my affirmations daily. Whatever you can think of, I did it. But my money issues weren’t letting me be great, and I was constantly wondering how to make extra money.

It’s much easier to budget when you have more money to play with. I wasn’t trying to stretch the same dollar 3 ways. I could indulge a bit more in the self care that made me happy, like Target trips, getting my nails done, affording therapy, happy hour, etc. Best of all, I wasn’t constantly stressing about my finances, especially once I really got a handle on financial self care.

So let’s walk through some ways you can make extra money for self care. I listed some side hustles that are pretty cheap and simple to start but still offer a lot of profitability. These are all things I have done in the past and had success with, so I’m speaking from experience. I added tips for starting and a cool way you can hit the ground running FAST in any side hustle.

Let’s start!

How to make extra money with UGC

You might have some people on TikTok talking about UGC, but what are they talking about? UGC, or user-generated content, is not a new concept, but it is getting pretty popular. Basically, you get paid to create content like photos and videos for brands. Brands love UGC because it makes their content look more personal, promotes trust from their customers, and leads to higher sales.

UGC is a really cool side hustle because it’s relatively easy to start. You don’t need a huge audience. Really, you don’t need an audience at all because you won’t get paid to post the content on your own social sites (extra incentive in case you’re a smidge embarrassed about wanting to be an influencer!). You’re getting paid to create the content for the brand to use. If you do have an existing audience, you could include promoting to your own profiles for extra pay.

I got my first UGC campaign in college, and I got to work with VS Pink. It was a 6 month deal where I got to pick out new clothes for free each month, and all I had to do was take pictures of (or in) them and send them to the campaign manager.

How to get started with UGC

Find your favorite products around your house and create some content (pictures and portrait-style videos). You can find a free portfolio template on Canva, and then send off a pitch to the brand managers at your favorite brands. If you need help finding those people, I like to check LinkedIn to find people with titles like “Influencer Marketing,” “Brand Manager,” “Marketing Manager,” etc. Usually, if it’s the wrong person, they will just forward your pitch to the right person. Usually, when I send out pitches in the morning, I hear back within 48 hours.

How to make extra money as a virtual assistant

The title “virtual assistant” can be pretty broad, so if you go down this route, I suggest that you choose a niche or speciality and focus on that. As a VA, I’ve handled managing Facebook groups, Instagram engagement, Pinterest management, and brand deal pitching. For some gigs, I worked a few hours a month, and some were more involved. I really like VA work because it’s relatively easy to find, and you have a lot of control over your rates, especially the more specialized you are. It definitely pays to niche down and get really, really good at something.

How to start as a virtual assistant

Join a Facebook group where business owners hang out, like this one! People post about needing VAs literally every day because you’re like a godsend to them. You can also join a job board like Upwork, which is what I did starting out. While the pay on Upwork may be lower, you get in front of more people, which is great for starting out. After setting up your profile, you can literally be booking your first client by the end of the week.

How to make extra money by offering a service from your 9-5

A lot of us are doing highly skilled work at our day jobs, so why not just use that and monetize it further? For example, I used to work on the social media team for a huge organization, so it made sense for my side hustle to involve social media marketing. It made it easier for me because I didn’t have to completely switch my brain to a different topic. Just be sure to look into your job’s contract to make sure that it isn’t breaking any agreements!

How to start offering a service

This one depends on what industry you’re in, but I would suggest utilizing your existing network. For example, if you’re a teacher offering private tutoring, let your parents know, so they can reach out and share the word. If you’re in marketing or something similar that is client facing, the process could be similar to the virtual assistant process. Feel free to DM me on Instagram with your job title/role, and we can brainstorm some more specific options!

How to make extra money with freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most fun side hustles, in my opinion (if you like writing, of course!). I’ve been able to write for some of my favorite sites, like The Financial Diet. If there is a topic that you could go on and on about and you have some writing skills, freelance writing is a great option. Plus, if you’re working to build an audience for an existing business, freelance writing can get you some extra exposure. Basically, you get paid to market your own business.

How to start freelance writing

For context, I started freelance writing with the intention of marketing Gentler, not to build a writing career, so your process might look different. I basically did the same thing I did with UGC: I built a portfolio (using blog posts), found people to pitch on LinkedIn (look for “editor” titles) and Twitter, and sent out my pitches. I usually got responses within a day or two.

How to make extra money by dog/babysitting

If I didn’t already have two dogs (shout out to the spice girls, Ginger & Saige!), I would totally still be dog sitting. Babysitting and dog sitting were my go-to side hustles throughout college and afterwards, and I loved it. I already knew I liked kids, but if you don’t, dog-sitting might be a better option. I also really liked this side hustle because of the control. When I needed extra money, I could take on more jobs. When I wanted to slow down, I focused on just a few families.

How to start dog/babysitting

To grow my clientele, I used apps like Care and Rover. I created a profile in an hour and started getting messages fast. Some clients will want to call or meet first before the stay, so keep that in mind. Also, be realistic with what you can handle. I usually did not keep more than 1 dog at a time because I had my own dog. After you build a relationship with some clients, I recommend moving off the apps because they tend to take large fees out of your pay. However, they are really good and quick for getting connected with people, if you’re just getting started.

BONUS: How to make extra money by reselling

I like to call this “checking the couch cushions.” Most of us have something of value that we can let go at any given time. Maybe you have some old electronics lying around or some clothes that you haven’t worn in a while. That stuff is worth something, so get it out of your house where it’s just collecting dust.

How to start reselling

This depends on what exactly you’re selling. I’ve sold clothes through physical stores, like Plato’s Closet or apps like Poshmark. I’ve sold electronics (old gaming systems, phones, etc.) through different apps (I used compare offers before deciding on one). I have also relied on the trusty ol’ pawn shop, but beware, the offers usually won’t be very high because they are also looking to make a profit.

To sum it up…

I’ve done a LOT of side hustling in my day because honestly, I love making money. I also love sharing advice and tips for making more money in ways that feel good to you. I’m offering Custom Business Planning Kits, so you can start *quickly* with side hustle that works for you and get to making extra money FAST.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. You order your kit here.
  2. I’ll send you a questionnaire. Through the form, I’ll learn more about you, your skills and hobbies, your schedule, etc. to come up with 3 side hustle/business ideas that will be a good fit for you based on your responses. I’ll take into account the amount of money you’d like to make, your location, the amount of time you want to spend (or not spend) working, and other factors.
  3. In 2 weeks, I’ll deliver your business planning kit via email. The kit includes: a PDF guide to my ideas (with detailed start up info), a video walkthrough where I will explain the guide, and the opportunity to book a complimentary follow up call where you can ask questions and get additional support.

Does that sound like what you need? You can order your kit here, or DM me if you have any other questions.

Already have an existing brand or business? You can order a kit for additional income streams or increasing revenue (through strategy, new product ideas, and marketing) in general. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to describe your business in detail in the questionnaire. I’ll reach out if I have any additional questions!

Now, I’m sending you off to go make some extra moolah!

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