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Self Care Activities for When it Feels Like a Chore

July 8, 2024

Feeling overwhelmed? Discover self-care activities that are easy to do on low energy days, so you can still take care of yourself.

I'm maya!

I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)


We’ve all been there. You wake up feeling good and ready to tackle the day, thinking about the few tasks you need to handle after work—like returning an Amazon package, getting in a quick YouTube workout, or putting in a grocery order. But then the day unfolds: meetings that could have been emails, demanding tasks from your boss, and the realization that you left your headphones at home. By the time you head home, the idea of taking an extra ten minutes to go to the post office feels insurmountable. You skip the workout, order takeout instead of cooking, and tell yourself you’ll handle all those self care activities tomorrow.

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Sometimes, the things that will genuinely improve our lives feel like endless chores. We can’t find the energy to do anything enriching and just want to collapse in bed. But life doesn’t stop, and neither do our responsibilities. So, what can we do when taking care of ourselves feels like a chore? Here are some self care activities for those low energy days.

Self Care Activities For Low Energy Days

Take a Life Maintenance Day

The weekend never feels long enough. Two days off sound great in theory, but fitting in chores, social activities, and errands can feel impossible, especially when you’re already dreading Monday. Taking a day off just for life admin is one of the best self-care moves. I prefer to take off on a Friday or a Monday to extend my weekend. During this day, I tackle chores that have piled up, handle business admin tasks, or simply chill and use my regular weekend for chores. It’s a “get my life together” day, and I try to do this at least twice a year.

Create Insanely Easy Systems

Creating simple and easy systems for your least favorite chores can make a huge difference. For instance, I’ve improved my laundry routine by keeping my hamper near the washer and dryer, making it easier to just throw in a load when the basket is full. Think about the tasks you dread and find ways to simplify them. It’s about making chores less intimidating and more manageable.

Use Your Baseline Systems

Sometimes, you don’t have the brain power to complete your systems fully. When setting goals and creating habits, we often think as our Dream Selves—perfect and always on top of things. But perfection isn’t realistic. Focus on consistency instead. Pare down your systems to the most basic level with the most meaningful tasks. This baseline system ensures you’re still handling business without forcing yourself to power through everything.

Talk Yourself Through It

Gently challenge yourself to do more by talking yourself through tasks and self care activities. This Dream Self talk channels the most consistent, confident version of yourself to encourage your current self. Depending on the situation, you might need to be a supportive friend or a motivating mentor. The key is to be encouraging and not judgmental. For example, if you haven’t worked out all week, encourage yourself with phrases like, “What if we just did a 5-minute arm workout?” It’s about small steps and positive reinforcement.

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Prioritize Getting Good Sleep

When it comes to self care activities, sleep is so underrated. If all you have the energy for is tucking yourself in at night, focus on that. Shower, put on clean clothes, and get into bed. While eight hours of sleep is ideal, aim to make your sleep as restful as possible. Clean sheets, a favorite snack, or a comforting show can do wonders for your mood and energy levels.

Create a Self-Care Toolkit

Bad days are inevitable, so prepare for them. What healthy activities always make you feel better? Have those things on hand and ready to go. Start working on your self-care toolkit. Stock up on your favorite snacks, set aside money for comfort meals, and have supplies ready for your “bad day” routine. I love having a glass of wine and scrolling on Pinterest while my Gentler playlist plays in the background. Being prepared with self care activities ahead of time helps you bounce back faster and stronger.

To Sum it Up…

Taking care of yourself, especially on low energy days, is crucial. By implementing these self care activities, you can make self-care less of a chore and more of a routine part of your life. Remember, it’s about consistency, not perfection. Give yourself grace and make small, manageable changes that help you maintain your well-being even when energy is low. Your future self will thank you.

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I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. So, I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)

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