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My Perfect Night Routine

July 8, 2023

A night routine is one of the most important elements of your overall self care routine. Read this post to steal my routine!

I'm maya!

I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)


Whenever people ask where they should start with self care, I ALWAYS recommend building a good night routine. Having a strong night routine will ensure that you getting the rest you need and set you up for a good start for tomorrow. Then, the good times will keep rolling throughout the week. So what do I do during my night routine? Keep reading to find out.

Let’s get started!

Night Routine Step 1: Putting my Phone on Sleep Mode

Before you roll your eyes and close this tab, I am NOT someone who preaches that you should stay off your phone 2 hours before bed. Not because I disagree, but because I’m not a point where I can do that yet. However, I put my phone in ‘sleep mode’ because it cuts out all the notifications I get throughout the night and saves me from a nighttime scroll that lasts for hours or waking up in the middle of the night because of a random notification from an app I’ve been meaning to delete for weeks.

If you also have trouble staying off your phone, putting it on ‘sleep mode’ or DND at night might be a good start for you, too!

Night Routine Step 2: 10 Minute Tidy

This might be my favorite part of the whole routine; you might have even heard me talk about it already. I love having a neat home, but I hate cleaning for some reason. Doing a 10 (or 15) minute tidy every night keeps messes to a minimum, so they don’t grow into something that overwhelms me and causes me to procrastinate. I can’t explain how nice it feels to wake up to a clean space that smells good, even when you have 2 dogs (aka stink machines).

During my tidy, I set a timer on my phone for 10-15 minutes, and I start by picking up any clothes, towels, or other items that need to go in the hamper. Then, I throw out any trash and put dishes away in the sink to deal with later. Finally, I go over my floors with my Swiffer and lay out a potty pad for the dogs just in case they need to go throughout the night.

Night Routine Step 3: Prep for Tomorrow

Before I go to bed, I like to do whatever I can to make the morning easier for Future Me. I like my mornings to feel slow so I can ease into the day. When I have taken care of most of the work, I can relax in the morning and use less brain power.

My nightly prep looks like:

  • Getting out all my clothes for the next day (don’t forget underwear)
  • Putting water in the fridge so it’s nice & cold for tomorrow
  • Putting all my devices on the charger
  • Putting a mug and a coffee pod right next to my Nepresso
  • Picking out an apple to eat for breakfast
  • Pack my work bag with everything I need to just walk out the door

I start with the most important tasks first because I don’t always feel like clearing the list, but something is better than nothing.

Night Routine Step 4: Shower and Reflecting

At this point in the routine, I’m trying to tire myself out a bit. I’m probably already getting worn out from running around doing my tidy and prepping for tomorrow, but now we get to slow it down with a warm shower.

I’ll be honest, this is usually where I start to cut corners like not flossing for fully moisturizing, but again, done is better than perfect.

During this time, I reflect over the day and think about what needs to get done tomorrow. If I feel like it, I will journal, but if not, I’ll usually make a note on my phone summing up my shower thoughts.

Night Routine Step 5: Relaxation

Okay, maybe this is my favorite part. At this point, I just chill until I feel like sleeping. If I don’t already have a candle burning, I’ll light one. BTW, I love a good vanilla scent.

I also will put on a show and get cozy. These days, it’s a comfort show like The Golden Girls, King of the HIll, or Bob’s Burgers (are you a Tina, Louise, or Gene??).

Once I start to feel my lids get heavy, I lay it down and wait for my alarm to go off in the morning.

To sum it up…

A good night routine will keep you rested, prepared for the next day, and give you some extra time just to enjoy yourself. With all the mental bandwidth you’re saving, you’ll feel much more motivated and inspired to take action on building your dream life, and you’ll feel better while you do it.

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I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. So, I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)

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