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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

May 29, 2024

Learn how to set goals and achieve them with these proven strategies. From creating realistic milestones to tracking your progress, this guide will help you turn your aspirations into reality. Discover the importance of strong intentions, effective systems, and community support in goal setting.

I'm maya!

I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)


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Goals are powerful tools that bring us closer to our dream lives and help us develop habits to get there. However, they can be challenging to achieve, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and like failures. Setting and achieving goals can be much easier, even if you’re starting from scratch. Keep reading if you’ve been wondering how to actually set goals and achieve them.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Create a Dream Self Goal

The first step in goal setting is, of course, deciding on the goal. This can be tricky because many of us aren’t great at setting realistic goals. Often, we set overly ambitious goals with an idealized version of ourselves in mind. For example, we might decide to do 75 Hard and work out twice a day when we haven’t exercised in months or years. Inevitably, when we fall short, we feel even worse about ourselves.

Instead, break your goals into mini-goals or milestones. If you want to save $1000 a month but often end up transferring money back into your checking account, start by saving $50 a week. 

Make sure your goals align with a strong intention. Social media and societal pressures often make us feel we should do certain things. However, if your heart isn’t in a goal, it’s unlikely to happen. And even if it does, you might end up feeling unsatisfied.

Focus on the Feeling

One key to setting intentional goals is focusing on the feeling you hope to gain from achieving the goal. You might find that the goal you thought was perfect doesn’t quite satisfy you. 

To avoid this, focus on the desired emotion from the beginning. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel when I achieve [insert goal here]?” Whether it’s maintaining a fitness regimen, saving $5,000, or starting your business, keep that feeling in mind. This way, you’ll always be moving in the right direction, even if the specifics of the goal change.

Brainstorm Some Systems

Your systems are key when you’re trying to figure out how to set goals and achieve them. Systems are the methods we use to achieve our goals and build new habits. For example, when I wanted to wake up earlier, I made it easier by completing more tasks at night to free up my mornings. Your systems should make your new goals and habits easier and more likely to happen.

Get creative! Your first round of systems might not yield the desired results. Be ready to go back to the drawing board, and welcome this with gratitude. You get to design your life and take control of every facet.

The most important and often underrated system, regardless of your goals, is your self-care system. A well-rounded self-care routine has three parts, which you can learn more about by clicking here. Don’t forget to incorporate the emotions you identified earlier! When you find ways to cultivate those feelings, you prime yourself for the goal and fend off burnout. If saving money makes you feel more secure and at peace, find ways to feel that way now, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Find a Community

We weren’t meant to navigate life alone, and support is crucial to success. Finding a community around your goals can be as simple as joining a Facebook group or as involved as participating in an in-person organization. If you want to read more, join a book club. 

Aside from making new friends (which can be daunting as an adult), you gain the opportunity to learn from others. You can glean ideas and experiences from the group, helping streamline your process.

Track Your Progress

Tracking is crucial because we’re more likely to improve in the areas we measure. Keep at least a simple habit tracking system for a visual of your progress. My free Notion template includes a habit tracker to help you stay focused. You can grab it here.

Additionally, reward yourself for consistency. It doesn’t have to be monetary. Ask your community what they do to reward themselves for hitting their goals.

Adjust as Needed

Remember, goal work isn’t an exact science. It’s okay if you haven’t found what works yet. It’s also okay if what worked before doesn’t work now. This is an opportunity to design the most aligned life for yourself and step into the headspace of your Dream Self. If you’re struggling to be more consistent with your goals, take my free quiz to find out exactly what you need to do! Click here to take it.

To sum it up…

The biggest takeaway is that goals are tools but shouldn’t be the main focus of our lives. Taking care of ourselves and finding support in others is far more important. When we use goals to enhance these aspects, we’ve really hit the sweet spot. If you’ve been having trouble when it comes to how to set goals and achieve them, it’s okay. Don’t forget to take my free consistency quiz to reveal your personal key to consistency!

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I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. So, I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)

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