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Welcome to Gentler, where we prioritize practical self care and creating habits for our real selves, so we can live the lives we truly deserve.

Let's create your dream life.

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Ready to upgrade your life the fun way?

Here, we don't believe in bullying yourself into "good" habits. We think habits should feel fun and meet you exactly where you are.

Self care & habit building for real people.

You'll find blog posts with all sorts of topics dealing with self care and habit building, as well as some of my own personal experiences sprinkled in here and there. Have a request? Reach out, and I'd love to work on that for you!

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Learn Together

Listen to Gentler Podcast where you can hear actionable advice for self care & habit building, as well as inside info on my personal self care journey!


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“I have a hard time getting into podcasts, but I can't get enough of Gentler!”


I'm Maya, your self care strategist

I'm a recovering perfectionist and over achiever who decided I'd rather life feel like a good time. So, I developed a habit building framework allows me to create my dream life in ways that feel natural and fun, not grueling, and I can't wait to share it with you :)

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101 Ideas for your Self Care Routine

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How to Find Motivation for Your Goals

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Design Your Dream Self—in 30 minutes

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Ready to make your Pinterest dreams come to life?

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Let's work together to create a perfect-for-you plan to building your dream life this year!