Get my proven habit building strategy that will meet you where you are and bring your goals to life

Your dream life is right around the corner

Calling all ambitious dreamers!

You get home from work and just feel drained. This is not the adulthood Sex and the City and Girlfriends prepared you for. You know life was made for living, but figuring out where to start has you feeling overwhelmed, and you’d much rather chill on the couch and watch *one more episode* of Real Housewives.

“Why do I never have the motivation or energy for my goals?”

Do you ever lay in bed at night and wonder...

Maybe you read Atomic Habits and felt super inspired for a hot sec before life came in and knocked you off track. Or maybe you saw a girl on TikTok doing “Delusion Week” but by day 2 you were no longer feeling delusional in a good way. 

Either way, you’re constantly trying new habits and abandoning them when life gets hectic or the “shiny object sydrome” wears off, and if you continue on this path, you’ll still be on the couch this time next year, tired and wondering where the time went.

It feels like you’re on a hamster wheel of starting and stopping.

 I want you get you off that wheel (and the couch!).

This is ALL possible. I'll show you how!

because you designed habits for your REAL self, bad days included

Stay consistent even when life gets crazy

and you have the confidence to act like her

Feel like your best self everyday

because you're so clear on your own direction and are finally learning to trust the journey

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

because you have a method that finds the *perfect* system for you and guarantees success

Adopt new habits easily and make them stick

What if you could...

woah, that's true.

You’re not lazy; you’re human. So you need habits and systems that recognize your humanity and all your messiness. That way, life can’t knock you off track because you already prepared for everything coming your way.

The best part? It gets to feel fun and natural. No more forcing yourself into habits.

Good news: I’ve got something even better.

You’re starting to realize that there’s no “on switch” for discipline and motivation. 

Your dream life is waiting on the other side of the habits you're struggling to adopt. 

The most fun program out there for habit building and practical self care


Dream to Reality is a hybrid course + coaching program that will teach you a habit building framework that will take you directly to your dream life.

your dreamiest life, starting with the habits it'll take to get there

get ready for

You’ll have coaching from me, your personal self care strategist in our Facebook group + our monthly support calls.

Self Care Coaching

Find the support and community you need for your journey. You can share your wins & frustrations and post questions for advice and feedback. 

Private Facebook Group

Learn the step-by-step process to building positive habits that fit into your real life. Content is dripped weekly for 3 weeks to motivate you to take action without overwhelm.

Dream to Reality Course

This Program is Focused on Getting You Results in 4 Core Ways

You’ll have coaching from me, your personal self care strategist in our Facebook group + our monthly support calls.

Self Care Coaching

You’ll have coaching from me, your personal self care strategist in our Facebook group + our monthly support calls.

Self Care Coaching

You have big goals, but you don’t know exactly how to start. You can submit topics, and I’ll find the perfect teacher to share their expertise. 

Expert Masterclasses

In this module, we'll make sure that all your goals and dream habits are actually FOR YOU. We'll do that by:

  • Conducting a life audit that doesn't leave you feeling worse than when you started

  • Designing your Dream Self based on the changes you actually want to see in your life (not what looks good on Pinterest)

  • Learning the secret to naturally creating your dream life even when you aren't completely sure what that is or you aren't sure how to get there

Validating the Vision

Module 1

In this module, we're focusing on becoming the perfect vessel for your dream life. You'll do that by: 

  • Learning my self care strategy that tends to all your needs and STILL fits in your busy schedule

  • Using my Active Gratitude Formula to tune into your frustrations and use them as your dream life foundation

  • Implementing my 2 non-negotiable self care routines

Priming Ourselves

Module 2

This module is where the rubber meets the road. You'll put everything together to develop an action plan for your new Dream Self habits. You'll do that by:

  • Setting up your physical space for systems to thrive

  • Learning my secret tactic for keeping consistent even when you don't feel motivated (hint: it's not "push through it")

  • Balancing the "learning & research" phase with the "action" phase so you can learn about your goals along the way without stopping progress

Taking Action

Module 3

You’ll also get your hands on some pretty fun bonuses:

But wait, there’s more!

Time to start feeling like That Girl. Learn practical ways to feel more confident so you start showing up as the best version of you and taking action like her

Cool & Confident Masterclass

Bonus One

Giving yourself the care and nurturing you need will make sure you’re in tip top shape for your all your goals. But effective self care is strategic and formulaic. I’ll create a custom self-care plan (complete with variations) for you that will lay out your new regimen for the next 3 months, so you know exactly what to do everyday to care for yourself. 

Custom Self Care Plan

Bonus Two

-Allysa Lisbon

“The thing I like most is that Maya creates an environment that is warm and welcoming but always focused on making progress and seriously achieving our goals.”

let's hear it for the vibes!

That’s what you get when you join Dream to Reality. We’ll take my proven habit building framework and use it as a foundation before we add all your magical (and sometimes messy) You Factor to really make it stick so you can see results FAST. 

This is the time to enter your You Era. And Dream to Reality is the key that will unlock that door.

Okay, so you could keep reading self-help books, following inspirational social media accounts, and creating new to do lists but you’ll get your greatest success with a personalized for you plan. 

let's get started

Crack the confidence code and become a self care queen with your bonus masterclass & custom plan


Learn about your specific goals from the people at the top of their field 

Expert Masterclasses

Your new bestfriends on your dream life journey + your 24/7 Q&A space (don't forget the coaching calls!)

Private Facebook Group + Coaching

Your new step-by-step habit building framework, dripped weekly

Dream to Reality Course

here's what you get when you join dream to reality:

ok, let's recap!

how much does dream to reality cost?

okay, but let's get to the real question

Everyone will receive the same access to the program, regardless of payment plan!


1 payment of


2 payments of

best value!


4 payments of

Comes with a VIP custom self care package!


"I'm finally excited to plan and work toward my goals. The dread of doing self work has been lifted and I have a renewed energy looking to the future!" 

get excited for your future!

I'm so confident that this program will completely change the way you do habits and bring your goals to life, that if you show that you're doing the work, and you still don't feel more energized towards your goals, I will refund your purchase.

Dream to Reality comes with our Gentler Guarantee!

backed by our gentler guarantee

Hey there! I’m Maya, your new self care strategist

I grew as a super high achiever and had the accolades to show for it (straight As, Georgetown degree, the works). But after graduating college, the best way to describe my life was “bleh.” I would wake up, go to work, come home after the sun went down, and fall asleep on the couch watching Bob’s Burgers for the 50th time. I tried doing things the traditional way—countless alarms, strict budgets, never-ending to do lists with tasks I saw all the That Girl people doing on Instagram, but that just led to ultra burn out.

I finally gave myself permission to do things “my way,” and I created my Dream to Reality framework. It was a framework that worked with all my flaws (inconsistency, lack of disciplined, depression, and anxiety) and used them to create something wonderful. Making habits stick became natural, and I got to have fun while doing it. Over time, I watched my dream life come together without even noticing, and now I help other ambitious women do the same.

There's a way to build positive habits without feeling like you're on the set of Cadet Kelly.

guess what?

sound like you? come join us!

But if you’re excited about the idea of a framework that you can use over and over again that will teach you how to embrace your current situation and build a feasible roadmap to your dreams using creative strategy, practical self care, and fun productivity (NOT an oxymoron!), this is exactly where you need to be.

If you’re looking for an overnight, instant switch, this isn’t for you. 

Common Qs and As:

I have a question...

Work for you? This was created for you. Our productivity method is tailored for REAL people, as messy and unorganized as they may be. Plus, you'll have me cheering you on and holding your hand as you move along with your goals. 


You'll get access to the program immediately! You'll receive an email with your login info for our course program, a link to the Facebook group, and a short questionnaire that will help me create your custom assets!

The course content will be dripped weekly for 3 weeks to inspire you to focus in, take action, and avoid overwhelm!


We have a Gentler Guarantee, so if things aren't panning out within 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund, as long as you can show that you put in the work. Of course, we'll hate to see you go!


Obviously, this depends on your unique situation and goals, I would dare to say you’ll see some near-immediate results once you begin to implement course material. Simply implanting a daily practical self-care regimen (which you’ll receive within 30 days of completing the questionnaire), will leave you feeling SO much more energized and confident in your ability to take action on your goals.


Of course! You can choose a payment plan that best fits your budget Click here to choose the plan that works best for you! 


All accountability calls and expert masterclasses will be held on weekday evenings. You will receive a program calendar at the beginning of the month, so you can plan accordingly. however, everything will be recorded, and you can submit questions in advance in case you won't be able to attend the live sessions. 


join now

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of comes down to your habits. So learning how to build good habits and make them stick in a fun and natural way is everything.

Are you ready for your dream life?

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